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How it works

Humans generally tend to forget things in day-to-day routine. However sometimes forgetting important events cost. Imagine someone forgetting birthday of important person, missing on flight, not taking medicine on time, this cost some or other way.

We help improve and organize your work by reminders in form of Email, SMS and Mobile App. A1Reminders help you remind yourself and others about important things such as birthdays, anniversaries, work tasks, appointments, renewals and many more.

You can create reminder which can remind you over email, over Mobile App (for FREE)  and SMS or even personalized call (specialized service).

# User Type Available Functionality Email SMS TeleCall SS Mobile App
1 Individual User can send reminders to self as well as other registered members part of own contact list Free Paid Paid Paid Free
2 Corporate Commercial user who can send reminders to others part of own contact list. Contact need not be registered Free Paid Paid Paid Free

You choose when & how often reminders can be sent/received

  • Once
  • Everyday
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Every year

Free reminders, no limits

Add as many mobile based reminders as you need - free of charge!

No spam...

We will never share your details with third parties

Mobile reminders

An app on your mobile keeps watching configured reminders over web and keeps reminding you

Personalized reminders

Personal call received on mobile phone reminding as per configured reminder.

How a1reminders work for you

  • Birthday – wish friends/family and relatives on their birthday
  • Marriage Anniversary – wish on marriage anniversary
  • Meeting – remind for important meetings
  • Event Start – remind to participate important event
  • Project Deadline – remind about coming deadline of project/activity
  • Vehicle Insurance – remind for insuring vehicle
  • Checkup – reminder for health checkup
  • Loan EMI – reminder to pay house/car loan on time
  • GAS Booking – book gas (applicable in areas with no pipe line gas)
  • Medicine – reminder to take/buy medicine
  • Insurance buy – reminder for insurance buy
  • Insurance due – reminder for insure renewal
  • Annual renewals – reminder important annual renewals
  • Banking Transaction – reminder for important banking transaction
  • Appointment – reminder for important appointment business, girlfriend etc
  • Important Event – advance reminder for important event not to miss
  • Vehicle Service – reminder for servicing vehicle
  • Vehicle washing – reminder for regular vehicle washing like car washing
  • Fees due – reminder for college/school fees due
  • Exam – reminder to pay exam/library fees
  • Electric Bill – reminder to pay electricity bills
  • Telephone Bill – reminder to pay telephone bills
  • Water Bill – reminder to water bills
  • House rent – reminder to pay house rent
  • House Tax – reminder to pay tax for the home
  • Plot Tax – reminder pay property tax
  • Income Tax – reminder to pay income tax
  • Call Someone – reminder to call someone